Arias Nicaragua advises Banco Lafise Bancentro on a DPR transaction

August, 2019

Arias acted as Nicaraguan counsel to Banco Lafise Bancentro in the sale, assignment, transfer, and conveyance of all the bank´s Diversified Payment Rights and all collections thereunder to a Cayman Islands entity, as well as an issuance of bonds with the participation of the Bank of New York Mellon,...

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La Constancia is authorized to sell its water trademarks "Cristal" and "Oasis" to The Coca-Cola Company

July, 2019

On July 3rd, 2019 the Board of Directors of the Superintendence of Competition issued a final resolution in the authorization process of economic concentration promoted by La Constancia, Ltda. de C.V. and The Coca-Cola Company, authorizing said economic agents to carry out the transaction in which t...

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Arias accompanies Eurofarma in its growth in Latin America

March, 2019

In recent days, Eurofarma Laboratórios S.A. (originally from Brazil) made public the acquisition of a part of Stein S.A Laboratories in Costa Rica, in a deal whose value was not disclosed.The Brazilian Multinational acquired various important trademark portfolio and products from Laboratorios Stein,...

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Arias advised Banco La Hipotecaria – Panama and La Hipotecaria El Salvador in structuring and issuing mortgage loans bonds

March, 2019

Arias successfully assisted Banco La Hipotecaria - Panama and La Hipotecaria El Salvador in the structuring and issuing of mortgage loans bonds, placing this issue on the Stock Exchange of Panama.Among the relevant tasks that Arias carried out, was to provide advice under the Salvadoran legal framew...

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